The flip side

I suppose it should also be noted that being Hard of Hearing can be a blessing. Yes, a blessing. I’m working on a document here at Panera Bread and I can take out my hearing aid and be largely oblivious to the goings on of people around me.

I don’t really understand how the folks who can’t turn off the sound manage to cope in loud environments. And yet I see people here hard at work all the time. What’s up with that?

With sufficient sound I get massive “sound headaches” that are something like migraines. In fact, by the end of every full day wearing my hearing aid I have my “daily” headache. It might be the Menieres thing with interior swelling or something, but I’m not light headed or dizzy, but I feel as if my head is several sizes too small and trying to burst out of it’s scalp.

Sound is not my friend. It is not my friend because I was partly deafened as a child and over the years my hearing has faded, faded, faded, and I have no idea what many sounds are like, what directionality is, and how to screen out too much data that hits me when I have a hearing aid on. At the same time, it is the currency of the world – it is what we trade in regarding communications – so I accept my not very friendly friend for what it is.

And I’m glad I can make it go away at times There is great goodness in a quiet world. Off to ASL meet up soon! 🙂

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