Something for those who are not Deaf or HoH to consider when interacting with a hearing impaired individual. We focus “hard” to understand. It is survival for us – and apparently easily misinterpreted.

The Angry Hard of Hearing Woman

There’s an invisible community in every society, and I’m a member of it.  We look like you, we talk like you, and we have families just like you do.  In fact, we’re so hidden it’s hard for us to identify our own kind.  We don’t share a distinct language, so we don’t form a separate culture.   But there is one thing we have in common – we stare.

Why?  Because using our eyes is essential to interacting with the society around us.  If we don’t stare, communication is impossible. By now, you probably realize that I’m referring to hard of hearing people who read lips.

Deaf awareness continues to grow; interest in American Sign Language is higher than it has ever been, thanks to a popular television show with deaf actors.  But in a sense, Hard of Hearing awareness is separate from Deaf awareness, and MUCH needs to be done…

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