Apparenty, I am bored with the template for AnotherBoomerBlog as I intently studied various options with great intensity and focus. Then a train whistle sent me almost though the iMac screen and I feel as if I’ve got the fingertips of my left hand imbedded in the ceiling. Oh, and we have the random keystroke which has given the blog a new look, c/o a train whistle almost stopping my black, wizened little heart.

The trains almost never blare here as they go over a RR bridge and no longer stop at the little station behind the building, so the last thing I expected was yikes! There it went again! I must leave and see if there is a problem, for being a combination of Wonder Woman and Super Girl I can undoubtedly fix it.


  1. Hi K8edid! Nice to see you here! I must admit admit that once I got outside wearing my Wonder Woman bracelets there was nary a train in sight. Got me to wondering what the dickens had been going on. I thought, well, I’m out in time, I’ll just go to the library and drop off the… but both the local libraries were closed at 5 so that was out. Went home, let the dog out and he got the bejesus spooked out of him by a low-flying plane headed into the small airport near our place. I guess it was just a weird night. So I went to a local old graveyard and explored before it go too dark. No train whistles or trains whistles there. 🙂

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    1. LOL – I decided that since I was startled out of my wits and changed the look of the site based on that, perhaps it was meant to be – so I left it that way. Sort of like rearranging a room after having stumbled over a hassock so it ended up in a new location. 🙂

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