I have this dratted problem – Ménière’s disease – and it has taken a good deal of my hearing and left me with impaired balance. I hope everyone reads this and shares it because inexplicable dizzy spells can mean trouble for hearing. Please share – the person you help may be someone you love.

Lipreading Mom

DJ EvansI met DJ Evans online several months ago through our shared interest in hearing loss awareness and advocacy. Like me, she is a mom with hearing loss. Unlike me, she also lives with Meniere’s Disease.

Those of us who don’t live with Meniere’s likely have a vague idea of what it is. Before interviewing DJ, I thought Meniere’s was simply a hearing disorder that affects balance. But is that all it affects?

Lipreading Mom: What is Meniere’s Disease, and how has it impacted your life?

DJ: I grew up hard of hearing only my parents didn’t know and neither did I. They never had my hearing tested and just thought I was talking loud and not listening because I was a hyper kind of kid and the doctor agreed. When I was 16 I decided to get my hearing checked because I was tired of people saying I was loud and I…

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