I need an organizer

I need motivation. I need… I’m not sure what I need.

I have this room, you see. And in it are most of my worldly possessions.  My bedroom furniture, clothing, computer(s) and pretty much everything that doesn’t stay at my office. Except for the stuff in the attic.  And yet, despite my best efforts, things keep accumulating and I have gotten to the point that it has reached almost the stage of a teenagers room.  I’m on terminal overload.

And instead of fixing it – I’m ignoring it.  I crawl into bed at night, grab a book on criminal profiling or some other distracting topic, or blog for awhile and  pretend the chaos does not exist. This is not a fly-lady sort of 15 minute process.  It is more like a version of Hoarders that is going to require a dump truck.  Well, that’s not actually possible, but it feels that way.

All I need are a few sets of fresh eyes and ideas.  I wonder who I can get?  Not my kid who is a spacial genius and wunderkind with organization. She’s off the grid for the next six months recovering from “falling down a mountain” and getting her body pinned back together. Not my friend JP, who is getting ready to move to NH.  I can’t afford to pay a real organizer.  They’re great, but expensive.

Oh, what the heck, I’m going to walk the dog.  Maybe the elven folks will figure out what to do while I am gone.  And did I mention I also need to rearrange it? And get the AC in the window? And… I’m going to go walk the dog now.


  1. I feel your pain. Here’s what I do. I make a trip to the city dump every few months. Costs me only $5. 90% of all the items are organized for recycling. Everyone in the house is required to fill one large box of crap. Eventually all the crap will start to go away. One box at a time.

    1. Hi Peter. LOL, if only I could get my elven friends to attack my room. I fear I am the only one who can start carting out junk. And, honestly, I’m not sure I have much, if any. It may be more that I have too much stuff for the space available and will have to decide what goes into attic storage. However, I like the concept of many hands…who can I enlist? 🙂

  2. All I can say is I feel your pain. When we downsized a huge house to fit into a condo 18 months ago, I thought the big clean-up was a journey through hell. Check out my blog if you’re so inclined and read my “Downsize This” and “Mucking out the Memories” posts. Embarrasing things my daughter found in the garage included a blow-up doll and a hookah pipe. So do it now before someone finds something…dead or alive…buried in your room that should not be discovered by anyone but yourself.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and “feeling my pain.”

      LOL – I doubt there is anything hiding in my room along the lines of a hookah pipe or a blow up doll, but thanks for the mental image that evoked. I am contemplating selling the drum collection gathering dust in the closet, but it is a lousy market right now. Could I interest you in a Celtic War Drum? Excellent condition!

      I’ve begun to understand the issue is one of timing. I was going to clean the room last night and instead ended up spending hours driving my eldest granddaughter to Boston to visit her hospitalized Mom. And I’m glad I did. They had so much fun! But I didn’t get back until after midnight and then all I wanted to do was sleep. My roomie was freaked and thought something had happened to me because I forgot to call her. Not only am I gas poor, but I’m time poor – and now sleep poor as well (where is the coffee?) ! I know – I could have said “No” but it seemed so unfair.

      I’ve downsized from a huge house (4000 square foot place with a mother-in-law’s apartment) to a 1200 square foot apartment to an 800 square foot apartment and now to a room with storage in the attic. My room was fine until I started putting a lot of hours in at meetings, work, and stuff like last night. Now it looks like a very messy teenager lives there.

      On my off time I want to play, so I’m going to have to be tough with myself, I think. No play until work is done!

      I’ll be sure to check out your Downsize This and Mucking out the Memories posts. :^)

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