Shoot Through Photo

Another of my iPhone 4S shots. Edited with Snapseed. Matting and framing by PhotoBucket.  Placed the lens almost directly behind a blossom and then shot “through” it into the interior of a rather enormous Forsythia bush.



  1. Loved this photo! Very creative…with an iPhone no less! I’m already addicted to my phone – maybe I should explore the photo opportunities.

    1. Thanks for the kudo! I’m ecstatic with what’s happening with me and the iPhone. I had no idea it could do what it does. It takes a bit of getting used to. The icon button does not take the snap until you take your finger off and you need to take your time about focusing until you get used to it. And there are so many apps to clarify the color, etc. Let me know how it goes with your iPhone! 🙂

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