Wrath of the … what was that?

Since when has Kronos, the God of Time and the Universe, become a God of volcanic death set on destroying all of creation?  Admittedly I am a mythos buff. I cut my teeth on Bullfinch’s Mythology and Edith Hamilton’s Mythology.  I realize that Hollywood is interested in blockbusters, but really? Kronos is now a volcanic fire god without the positive qualities of the impressive Hawaiian volcano Goddess Pele?

Who knew Hollywood was that bad now?   No wonder I virtually never watch TV or go to the movies.  However, after a grand dinner with a  dear friend last night I had the misfortune to shell out way too much money to go to the movies  and see the 3-D version of Wrath of the Titans.

If you like special effects, go. For any other reason – like the ability to act – save your money and do something positive with your time, like floss that cat’s teeth.

Me, I’d rather go for a hike.  Oh, I did go for a hike today. The pup and I charged up the nearly one mile trail to the top of Weir Hill in North Andover today and had a merry old time. Keep smiling!  There is life outside of Hollywood!

And the dog has had a day!  A 2 mile hike, a Burger King Stacker all his own (shhh, don’t tell his “Mom”), and fun and frolic with new doggie friends.  It is time for a snooze!

Note: Both photos taken with my iPhone 4S, edited with Snapseed and uploaded with Snapbucket.  I have virtually stopped using my other cameras, although I admit the landscape would have been a lot better if I’d used the Nikon.

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