Do I get a refund?

Last week I had lunch with one of my prior ASL teachers.  It was wonderful to see this person again and we chatted away in sign – and voiced too as we both have limited hearing.

I commented that I was going to quit ASL classes and was asked why.  As we dissected lunch I dissected my last class and came to the conclusion – my teacher is lazy.  It is why I felt bored and disconnected.  It is why I felt as if I was learning nothing.  I WAS learning nothing in comparison to what I’ve learned from my other teachers.

Now, I’m pondering asking to take ASL III over again – free of charge – but I doubt I’ll get a waiver in.  All the present teacher did was say, “Read the book, watch the video.”  Oh, and point to some maps and colors.  Plus, for some reason, I found the teacher very hard to understand – no idea why – there’s another person I know like that.

In my first two classes I learned hundreds of signs that are not part of the curriculum in ASL I and II. The teachers really threw enormous amounts of information at us.  It was challenging, exciting, and a vibrant experience. I felt overwhelmed at times, but never bored or listless.

In this class I “learned” how to give directions.  Me, Ms. Dyslexic.  So every direction someone gave me was turned around in my head so the “maps” were backwards.  Um, hum.  And I “learned” countries (from the links here, not from class) and states (again from the links here).  And I watched (in class) the same book videos over and over again.

Frankly, for a measly $50 (less, I believe) I got a year of great videos on  (the links here) rather than paying $200 for class and $60 for a book and video and I’m wondering WTH?!  The first two classes were totally worth it.  ASL III?  A dud.  At least for me, the teacher was a dud.  I missed 2 classes and considered dumping the entire program.  That is not competitive, obsessive little me.

So tomorrow I’m going to see what I can do about saying I felt I didn’t have a class.  That it was money and time wasted.  That the fact the class was cancelled twice (and I drove there both times before I found out) paying tolls and spending gas money and time I really don’t have, and then the fact I was totally unmotivated by the style of the teacher.


  1. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. Started an online doctoral program last year. SAME EXACT thing. You tube links in 2 out of the 3 classes. Cost $8000. And people don’t understand why I transfered? Go figure. It’s not about getting more initials, a bullet for the resume or finding facebook BFBs… for some-of us…. It’s about learning and challenging ourselves.LAZY, slothful, ignorant and obviously not interested in actual TEACHING a subject…oh dear, you really got me going..i’ll stop now but one more thing: my courses are about being a teacher and THAT scared me. I basically got the idea that “this is how your teach 10 courses with 35 students per class 2 days a week and get paid for it, without “getting involved in time intensive issues (humans) was the general idea being conveyed.

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