It’s a party…what did you say?

Tonight I went to an open house for a law office.  The office comprises an entire floor in a building and there were rooms full of food, tubs of beer, and in the back was karaoke.

Outside the air was cool, but not cold, the wind was rather pleasant and except for the cigarette smoke (gag, hack) it would have been a very nice place to hang loose. But life being as it is, I ventured in to congratulate the new office owner.  She was in a conference, which I am guessing was not actually on the agenda, since she was missing her own shindig.

The further into the office I got the louder the noise, Until I got into karaoke land and realized that I could distinguish absolutely no sound other than pounding music. People walked up and talked to me and even lip reading was beyond me.  I just stared around for a minute or two, contemplated unplugging the speakers, and then had an “Elvis has left the building” moment.  I was over my head. So I left.

I am told that the hearing can’t hear either. Which begs the question of why anyone would bother to go somewhere they are effectively deafened. Boggles my mind. Before I accept an invitation to such an event again I need to consider whether I need an ASL interpreter and then if the terp could hear anything to interpret.  That’s a question, isn’t it?


  1. My sis is visiting me this week – she has had a profound hearing loss. Her hearing aids are quite expensive and technologically advanced. She still can’t hear a lot of things in noisy situations, and she takes them out quite frequently because there is just so much noise. We went to a local establishment the other evening of dinner and music and I was thinking the same thing – why do people frequent places where conversation is impossible?

    1. Like your sister, I removed my high end hearing aid when the noise became like a wall of sound, but it was of no use because the noise swamped everything else. I don’t get it – why make things so loud that no one can understand anything?

      Thanks for stopping by to comment, K8edid.

  2. There’s an irony about that. Whenever we are at a stop light and there’s someone young next to us, windows down and rap music blasting out of their cars, the street shaking from the booming noise, my husband says ” I can’t wait for the day they lose their hearing”…

    1. Sadly, they are already losing their hearing. 😦 They just don’t know it. I remember once when my daughter and I got into a fuss over volume in a car and it was blasted up rapidly by accident. She had ringing in her ears for days. She’s NEVER been into loud sounds since then. The funny part is that as the hearing goes for these folks the volumn will never be enough and they’ll be cranking it still louder and louder which means more stereo equipment in the car and more annoyance for others in traffic.

      There’s a nifty chart at about damage done by various levels of sound

      Thanks for the observation, Rachael.

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