Everything makes noise

This is not a news flash to most folks.  The thing is, I simply do not remember what it was like to be a fully hearing person.  I lost the hearing on my left side when I was 18 months old and the hearing on the right has been edging down ever since due to nerve degeneration. My hearing is at the lowest it has ever been since I got clipped on the noggin and all this got started, yet thanks to my new Phonak BTE my world is alive with sound.  This is both good and bad.

When the little dog in my life – the one with who does the enormous full-throated Cujo imitation – let’s loose when I’ve got my aid in I find myself in full startle response.  Just how high can I levitate off a chair? And where did that sound volume come from? He can’t have vocal cords long enough to do that, can he?

That strange noise at the top of the stairway was my roomie’s cat hissing at the dog. I never really understood how weird a hiss sounded like before. It is like something you’d expect from some alien thing invading our world. Well, on the other hand, maybe they did. We did used to worship them as gods at one point.

I was going crazy trying to find out what the noise was in the bathroom until I finally realized it was the wall clock ticking off seconds. And that unclassifiable sound? Why that’s the hot air being forced up the vents from the furnace.

And my roomie wonders why, when I am at home, I sometimes take out my hearing aid and, like Braveheart, scream “Freedom!”


  1. I lost 40% of my hearing in one ear when I was 35 y/o, and more and more in the other ear for the past ten years (old age). I struggled with my hearing loss and felt doomed when I got my hearing aid. Nowadays, I sometimes enjoy the quiet as well…
    Enjoying your blog!

    1. thanks so much for your time reading and your share. I feel so freed, although sometimes baffled, by my hearing aid. I can hear so much better with the new aid because it changes sound into a range I can hear. At the same time I LOVE sign and find that freeing as well. I am now exploring web cap- tel and other exciting, world opening options.

      However, I admit, I love my quiet world and when I take out my aid I do NOT miss the noise!

    1. Thanks for dropping by and commenting, Peter. I have found that every person I know with a long-term hearing impairment relishes the ability to “make it go away” at some point. It is difficult for me to imagine having full hearing and being able to escape from it now and then.

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