And they call it puppy love….

During the last few days I’ve spent a fair amount of quality time with my roomie’s dog.  I often am gone quite a bit and so is she. It occurred to me that when I have time I can spend at the old homestead I should spend it with our favorite little fur buddy.  Especially since the doggie day care went out of business so he can’t go play with his buddies and the weather has been so inclement he isn’t even going to the dog park regularly.

So instead of disappearing to an office or my bedroom, I’ve been bundling up on the couch with my little pal in the fur coat while I slave away on the laptop.  Since it is still cold out he enjoys being wrapped up in an old serape I got years ago at the Alaska Fair in Palmer, Alaska and curling up next to me – or on me, if he can manage it. In between documents and naps I encourage him to learn the game of fetch and make him the odd scrambled egg or olive oil laced kibble.

Yesterday when I got home he had been with his Mom, heard me coming and shot out of her room (a very unusual treat for him) and down the stairs. I was actually surprised since usually I play second fiddle (as I should) to his Mom.  He spent most of the rest of the evening camped with me on the couch until I scooted upstairs for a teleconference call.  When I got home tonight we also spent some serious serape time together with him sleeping across my legs.

I only recently realized (thanks to the new hearing aid) that he makes little grunting noises when he gets cuddled, like a little pig. I now wonder if all dogs make these little huffing, grunting sounds and I never knew it. I also wonder how I missed feeling it when I held him – or maybe this is something entirely new.


  1. ain’t animals grand? and yes, some make those little grunting sounds of pleasure. and they give so much back to us just by their sheer presence…and good on you that you are hanging out with him, the proof that he appreciated it is in how he ran down the stairs to you. heartwarming. continue…

    1. Thanks for dropping by, BarkingInTheDark. Indeed animals are grand. They are so simple and so open to giving and receiving affection. No mind games…just fetch and feed me, walk me, can I get that stick for you so we can play, I’ll save you from the big, bad squirrel, and let’s play roll around on the floor before you hold me and scratch my neck, and oh, did you put peanut butter in my “kong” and can I share the blanket with you please? Oh, and I’d really like a bite of what you have if you don’t mind… (winsome look)

      My daughter’s calico cat has lately begun a ritual of paw out, paw back, tango to the left, tango to the right, ahhhh, yes, scratch behind that ear. Now you’ve got it. Brrrt! We merely disagree as to whether she gets to type on my keyboard. So far, the answer is “No.”

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