Just how many hours are there….

Days blur by.  The morning “shake my bed until I get up” alarm starts it off and shortly thereafter a steady flow of caffine, people, computers, meetings, and program reading fill all the nooks and crannies of my life. Add to that a healthy dose of family involvement and the old gal starts slacking off on her blog.  When sleep and doing laundry become your favorite “hobbies” there is a message in there to SLOW DOWN! 

AA has it right. HALT!   Never get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired.  Since getting to ASL class is proving to be extremely hard (I may have to take it again in the fall) I started attending a local open AA meeting with interpreters. Good thing AAers are inclusive. And to me a meeting is a meeting and the steps are the steps.

Achievements of note during my hiatus include teaching my youngest granddaughter to cast on knitting, how to establish the first two rows and the joys of ripping and restarting in order to achieve the desired look. My grandson has proven to be a spectacular pizza orderer and came up with pepperoni, bacon, and pineapple, with red sauce, which I can recommend to anyone who can imbibe in pork products.  There is nothing to report on the eldest since she and her turtle shell backpack are in Alaska learning the ins and outs of snow boarding with her Alaska Dad. Hopefully she will come back without a cast on some appendage.  I must text her to pick me up a Fur Rondy pin or T-shirt.

I found out that not just dogs get parvo. Who knew?  There is a human (non-lethal) parvovirus called Fifth Disease and when adults get it, it can be quite the problem.  I thought my daughter had shingles, and perhaps she’d have been better off if she had.  Instead, she developed  the parvovirus mimic of severe rheumatoid arthritis and is now taking enormous horse pill akin to Celebrex on steroids.  The doctors say it will be a few weeks.  The web says it can be months.  I hope the doctors are right.  (Note to Higher Power – please turn this virus away from me, if possible!  I can’t take anti-inflammatory drugs.)

And so it goes.  The new hearing aid is wonderful!  I’ve been told by the ENT that with it I have near normal hearing in that one ear.  We disagree over bi-cross aids.  Been there. Done that.  Not interested in trying them again.  I love my iCom, just wish it would keep a charge longer. I don’t watch TV so the TV link is not on my horizon.

Spring seems to have arrived without the advent of a snowy winter.  We’ve had an “open winter” which means there will probably be drought conditions this summer.  Hopefully we will get enough rain to offset that, but one never knows.

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