Will this IRS believe this one?

My accountant told me that if I want to deduct my car insurance as a part of my business expenses that I need to keep a very accurate and detailed log of my mileage.  So as of January 1 I’ve been very good about noting down everything:

House – mileage  –> office – mileage –> post office – mileage –> office – mileage.  You get the point.

The little spiral bound notebook I kept this in was a little more flimsy than I thought and started losing pages.  No problem.  I tucked them in and thought I’d transfer this mess to a spreadsheet one of these days.

Monday we had quite a windstorm.  As I opened the car door the suction pulled one of those little mileage sheets out of the door and into the air.  I waited for it to land so I could chase it up and down the building.  Except… it didn’t come down.  There was an updraft. I watched it fly up and over the top of a FIVE STORY BUILDING.  The last I saw of that piece of paper it was headed towards the next town over.  All I could do was wave good-bye.

My accountant responded to my FB lament with, “Sounds fishy to me.”  (Yeah, thanks.) My roomie graciously said, “I told you to get an app…” Uh, huh, so now I’m checking out applications for mileage, business expenses, etc. I know the iPhone won’t fly away.  I’m so dense sometimes.  (sigh)



  1. Recreate the spiral bound book based on your appointment book. For added authenticity you might want to sue different coloured pens. Add a coffee stain or two, some dog ears, and voila, you have recreated your mileage log.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ouch. I have seen my mom’s notebook, which she uses for the same purpose. I can’t imagine if she lost a page!!!

    Sadly though, the IRS would probably NOT believe it… LOL although I wonder if you referencing this post would give your claim any more weight?

    “Of course I’m telling the truth! I BLOGGED about it!”

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