I’ve lost it! Just why do I want to find it?

Today I went to a noon meeting. On the way there I realized I’d lost my phone in the car. I pulled over to the side of the road and searched for it. After not finding it I drove to the meeting, arriving barely in time, and then searched some more. It had to be in the car, because I got the address from it for the GPS. I had to find it to so I could leave it in the car instead of either being interrupted or being disruptive in the meeting.

Then sanity hit.

I locked up the car, went to the meeting and yanno what? The phone was there (on the floor, partly under the driver’s seat) when I got back – where it could not interrupt my meeting.

Grant me the Serenity to stop looking for the one thing I actually do not want…


  1. hahaha that is totally something I would do. I always lose my phone, and I always leave it in crazy places. Left it in my psychology class once and the professor took it home, waiting for me to call it. Leave it in my car at least once a week. Leave it at home about once a week too. LOL Occasionally almost leave it at friend’s houses, but usually they see it before I get out the door… especially since they usually have to help me search for my lost keys!

    1. Losing the phone is a perpetual problem for me. Since it is my everything phone it is also a crazy-making problem. I try to be scrupulous, but the little thing falls out of my handbag or slips off the seat or whatever. Sometimes I feel like gluing it to my forehead so at least I’d know where it is. What was so funny (to me, at least) was looking for the dratted thing so I didn’t take it into the meeting. And then I realized that if I did not have it I could not take it into the meeting. Duh.

      1. hahaha yeah… I do that before my classes sometimes. I crack myself up. I’m always terrified that it slipped into my bag when I wasn’t looking, and will ring in class. No logical way that it could end up there, since it doesn’t have legs…. lol but that never stops me.

        My mom is just like me, I ended up crocheting a phone holder and putting it on a necklace for her, so she stopped losing her phone at her job (where she travels to different places throughout the day… making the list of possible phone locations ridiculously long!)

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