Moon over Boston

On the way home from ASL III class there was the most incredible moon rising over Boston.  Optical illusions being what they are it was just huge in the sky, flooding the city with light and turning the Charles into “Moon River.”  Traffic was so light I almost dared the fates by pulling off to the side on Storrow Drive – not a good move.

Although I wasn’t able to get the photo I wanted, I found some on Flickr that looked just like it did tonight. So, with a Creative Commons License I present to you some fabulous photos by a photographer we probably all should pay attention to – Werner Kunz.


    1. Yes, night photos are tricky. Even if I’d pulled over and risked getting flattened by traffic, I had no tripod to keep the camera steady for the time needed. I’ve done a bit of twilight at the beach and those are fascinating to do Thanks so much for the view and the comment.

    1. They are lovely, aren’t they? While I wish I’d have done them, I’m happy to feature them under a creative commons license. It looks the same tonight. Amazing! Thanks for coming by, liking it and posting a comment. 🙂

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