2011 – a recap

2011 was a decided downer for a lot of people.  On Facebook I note folks voting it their worst year ever and hoping 2012 is better.

My thoughts on 2011:

At the end of December of 2010 I moved from a shabby little apartment where I was living all alone, recovering from traumatic marriage train-wreck to sharing a friend’s home. Sharing is better. Much, much better. We were designed to live with others. Plus I get a free dog in the mix. And who can go wrong with a dog that will collapse at the end of a half-day of doggie day care and sleep so soundly that you can get a picture you can “photoshop” on photo bucket and turn him into a sleeping reindeer?

In sharing living quarters I gained a roommate with a heart of gold.  We often don’t share much in common in terms of food or things we’d watch on the TV, but we both have basic values which are alike and intrinsic goodness towards others than shines through.

After being laid off since 2010 I gave up looking for work and created my own.  It is a huge leap of faith to attempt to open a business in this economy.  I have a number of people who helped me – an attorney who is very dynamic and taught me the ins and outs of advertising and calculated risk taking, another attorney  has invested a lot of her time in me and a third who is willing to help me get my feet under me.  In fact, I’ve also gained an additional mentor and had yet another person ask me to call and offered to help me. It seems that in some ways, this is my year. I had an almost break-even year in 2011, which is not easy to do in the best of times. In 2012 I hope to actually make money.

During this time, I went back to doing pro bono work. One of my first cases was an unemployment appeals case that was supposed to be in Boston. It ended up being way the hell and gone south of Boston. And while I kvetched to myself about getting up at 4 a.m. to drive there and do free work, when the rubber met the road, I was so committed to my client that I not only went once, I went to the appeal of the appeal.  And we won both times. In fact, we got a four page ruling about how wrong the employer was. At that point I realized, “Lady, you Rock!”

This summer I started taking American Sign Language classes at Deaf Inc. in Allston (Greater Boston) and in 2012 I’ll be taking ASL III.  I’ve attended numerous ASL meetups and am now hosting one.  This is a huge step for a Hard of Hearing attorney who is going through another spate of hearing loss.  It is my goal to be literate in ASL by the end of 2012 and to be able to provide legal services to the Deaf community in the Boston area if/as needed. And I’m gaining friends and social contacts at these meetings.

2011 has been a One Foot In Front Of The Other year.  I am fortunate I CAN start my own business.  Lots of folks cannot.

It was not a sunshine and roses, rainbows and lollypops year.  The younger generation in my family has had its share of problems, which is sad. I hope 2012 is much better for them.  But, it is a year.  A year in which I continue to live and breathe, to grow as a human being, to develop as a member of society.

As one of my friends likes to say, “It is what it is.”

So farewell, 2011.  Welcome 2012.  May your days be bright, may the soft rains fall when needed, and may the winds of time and change be gentle.


  1. I once read that any morning you wake up to is a good morning. Or maybe I just made that up. But then, by extension, it seems that any year you are able to live through is a good year. So Happy New Year. May you live through it. And many more afterwards…

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