And the thunder rolls….

No, it is not a commentary on the Garth Brooks song.  We’ve quite a storm on the way tonight and my little four-legged pal is not the happiest of lads.  It took more than a bit of doing to get him out to do his business – all of it – this evening.  Nothing like forcibly dragging the dog into the back yard while he’s trying to get back into the house – and then standing with him in the rain, dripping along with him while insisting that life and elimination goes on despite storms. (Why can’t we train dogs to use the toilet?) 

He is the happiest of little fellows now that he’s in the house with the doors and windows closed tight.

I wonder if Ginger, the Deaf Dog, knows there is a storm coming. She may feel the change in air pressure, notice the wind when she’s outside, certainly she knows it is wet out there. She might feel the wind buffet the house, but she won’t hear the sounds associated with it. She may see the lightning flash and feel thunder’s vibrations, but she will not hear the thunder roll.

Will she be as afraid as the wicked little fellow who raids the garbage, steals reading glasses off the coffee table, chews up anything he can get his teeth into, and then runs off with the piece of the TV remote and won’t acknowledge “drop it”?  The little fellow who will crawl into my bed tonight and try to become one with the only human being on earth who can protect him from the storm. The same lad who will end up sound asleep on the same pillow I use so we will wake up nose to nose in the morning.  It is a good thing I really like this little scamp!

I can’t hear much of what normally hearing people can.  I only recently found out a forced air furnace makes noise.  (Who knew?)  I can’t hear a car belt squeak. I can only imagine what a wicked little fellow who is always into things he should not be into and who has keen hearing can perceive. It must be hell.

The next time I run into Ginger and her Mum I’ll have to inquire about storms.

There may well be an up side to having a Deaf dog.  Just like there are up sides to having a Hard of Hearing friend who can’t hear you burp – so you never have to say “Excuse me.”

Consider,  if you are quiet you can tip toe around the house, not wake your Deaf dog up until after you’ve gone to the bathroom first.  If your Deaf dog does not hear the doorbell then each visitor is not met with a barking dog – and you can take credit for the fact you’ve got a quiet dog, although it merely means the dog simply does not know anyone is there.

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