Wonder Woman

I fancy a form-fitting outfit without the muffin top – maybe it is spandex with steel banding around certain areas – which means either I’ll be not breathing so well or I’ll be four inches taller – take your pick. Only I don’t wear a tiara,  I wear a hat that would make Harry Dresden proud. In fact, while the coat I wear isn’t an armored leather duster it might make Harry proud as well. So, okay, I look more like a short (very short) female version of Harry Dresden sans the staff. But since there’s no magic incantations it’s more Wonder Woman who looks like a Wizard (laughing).

So what is the Wonder Woman remark about? It’s just that with all the hoopla the past few days I must be in contention for the job. Got a client a pass on a hearing where the time for extension had passed. There was this little problem of wrapping a car around a large stationary object resulting in numerous injuries to the skeletal part of the body. Just get me the medical report about being in traction for the next few weeks – that ought to do it.

And then there’s the talker. The spousal unit of a client whom I hang up on several times before the point is driven home. I am not going to listen to a diatribe. There are letters to be written and work to be done.  Come on super powers, bring it on.

Darn, I can never find those wrist bracelets when I need them.  And where is that invisible plane?  Can’t find the dratted thing.  Here plane, here plane.


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