The Confuddling Time of Year

Today all the wonderful people at my doctor’s office wished me a Merry Christmas and I responded in kind.  I even showed the gal on the desk how to sign Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in American Sign Language. She commented that it was so wonderful to wish someone a Merry Christmas. Sure, why not?  It’s not my religion, but I don’t have a problem with it. I respond in kind to Happy Holidays, Merry Kwanza, Happy Yule, Yuletide Greetings, and Happy Hanukah, among others. So far no one has wished me a Happy Bodhi Day (Dec. 8th) which was the day the Buddha attained enlightenment, so let me wish all the Buddhists out there a spiritually refreshing Bodhi Day!

As a neo-Pagan Druid I’m always in favor of celebrating the old religions. This is my Alban Arthuan, the end of the month of the Elder tree and the beginning of the month of the Birch tree. And then there’s Yule/Jule (Norse) – winter solstice – rebirth of the Sun. And Sol Invictus in ancient Rome where all the various gods with birthdays on the 25th of December were celebrated at once. (What a cake that must have been!) And, of course, the Saturnalia and Bacchanalia went on at the same time in Rome – which is where we got our dancing, mummery, various stage plays, etc. Not a whole lot of Christians today realize Parliament banished Christmas in 1647 because of its Pagan origins. Hence, the “War on Christmas” really isn’t.  Heck it is tough to stop a good party idea whose time has come.

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