It’s all my daughter’s fault :^)

I remember the day clearly.  I walked into my daughter’s home, looked at her and said, “Wow!  You look GREAT!” She looked dewy and fresh and yet she was not wearing a speck of makeup.  Then I looked again.  “You look like you’re not wearing makeup.  But you HAVE to be wearing makeup because I’m not seeing those angel wing freckles across your nose.  Tell me!”

And thus it began.  My love affair with Bare Minerals aka Bare Escentuals, probably aka a lot of other names.  First it was just the basic kit.  Now I have an antique commode drawer full of the stuff. $20 here, $40 there, gift cards from friends to feed my addiction.

My oldest granddaughter wears it.  My daughter wears it.  I’ve converted at least two friends.  It’s all her fault, you know.  If I’d never seen her looking so fabulous I’d never have gone there. And darn it, she continues to look wonderful!

We talk about how parents influence children.  It works both ways.  Children influence parents as well.

Last night a student said, “You look like a movie star.”  (I figure she’s talking about a gracefully aging movie star – maybe Lucy in her later years.)  We had the makeup discussion.  Uh, huh, just see what you’ve done, daughter of mine?  You’ve always been such a trend setter and now you’ve done it again.

I’m afraid to ask how she manages to have her hair look so beautiful.  I’m not sure I can afford it.


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