Autumnal Pumpkin Cauldron

Remember that picture of the Queensland Blue Pumpkin?  I found out it is a cross between a Hubbard Squash and a Cinderella Pumpkin and very good eating.  So, for yesterday’s Celtic Harvest feast at the Grove, I got up early, carved away the top, cleaned out the seeds and stringy bits and stuffed it with meats and veggies and spicy marinara sauce, then baked it at 350 for four hours in a deep pan with water in it.  Of course, the blue was long gone by the time it was done, but the capped pumpkin was a wonderful cauldron to hold in all the rich goodness stuffed into it.  And it was relatively easy to take in the large, stout baking dish – heavy, and a bit awkward to carry, but better than whacking the lovely pumpkin into pieces and putting it in a huge bowl or something,

So here we are with a look into that lovely cauldron of goodness.  I want to tell you that driving from my place to Manchester, NH was an effort not to park the car and start eating!

And it was almost all consumed by the end of the night.  Only five small plastic containers to go home with the attendees.  Yum!

Its buddy is a “Red Warty Thing” squash and I’m planning on cooking that for Thanksgiving – stuffed with sweetmeats and possibly nuts slivered over the top when it is served.

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