First Snow

It was one of those, “I wish I had a video camera” moments. The dog was barking to be let out and I meandered to the door with my nose in an ASL book and my fingers signing words. The door swung open and I saw big white snowflakes swirling down.

Duke barreled out onto the porch and skidded into the railing, scrambled this way and that, flinging up snow and skittering around like a wild man.  He was well insulated against the cold as he was wearing a sweater with the letters L O V E on his butt. In short order the snow was trampled to mush, he wasn’t able to slip and slide nearly as much and I held the door for him. He barreled back into the house and proceeded to slide around on the wood floor with his wet paws before leaping onto the blanket on the couch.

I think he likes snow…

Today it’s gone.  He looks glum. No slip and slide.

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