Word has it…

Autumn seems to be delayed this year. Word has it climatologists now suggest the effects of global warming mean autumn color won’t be intense until late October or early November.

That being said, my roommate and I went to Smolak Farms today, thinking it would be as deserted as it has been a few other times we went. Wrong. It was packed! I did not understand just how well this family farm has done developing money making ventures. And what a multicultural crowd!

John Deer tractor pulling a trailer full of people sitting on hay balesForget the horses.  Today a hay ride is not lose hay and a team of draft horses.  It’s baled straw or hay and a whole slew of horsepower under the hood of a John Deere.  These drivers were loading and unloading, driving through the farm and back with a full load every time.

The day was gloriously warm, the sun made an appearance after days of rain, and everyone seemed to be in a festive mood.

Besides the hay rides there were birthday parties in the barn, a large playground with a pirate ship flying the Jolly Roger, an ice cream shop serving Treadwell’s Ice Cream, confections from the farm store including cakes and pies, and a jolly god lot of (expensive) caramel and red dipped apples.

There were folks with little wagons used to haul kids, apples, and pumpkins around – not necessarily in that order.

So, to misquote Roy Rogers and Dale Evens, “Happy Snails to you, ’til we meet again….”

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