Autumnal Musings

It is October and the trees are turning color, the hydrangeas have reached peak color – sadly more of a muddy brown this year – and it would be really nice if it stopped raining so I could get some nice photos before all the color is gone.

Because I can’t go around with my trusty little camera (which I’ve misplaced) and my big camera needs to go in for it’s annual adjustment, I find myself eating orange things to feel the autumnal effect.  For instance, spiced pumpkin coffee using almond milk and vanilla protein powder – and lest y’all go “Yuck!” I have managed to addict a number of skeptics because it is yummy! Today I moved on to pumpkin pancakes made of almond meal and they were “Nom! Nom! Nom!” as my grandkids say. Then there are the flaxmeal pumpkin “muffins” that I have to eat while protecting myself from the canine in charge who wants it.  (He’s got good taste.)  He also ended up with one of the muffins.

Since I’m missing the autumnal feeling, I’m posting a photo taken out by Smolak Farms last year.

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