Deaf Culture

One of the things I like best about deaf culture is how ALIVE people seem.  Faces and bodies are thrown into action and communication is about more than the “word.”  In fact, the word/sign is probably the smallest part of the communication. ASL is like miming with hand motions and finger motions – not to say the words are not important.

Hearing people are taught to be dignified and refined in their communications with each other. We don’t communicate as wholeheartedly as the Deaf do.  Last night at an ASL meetup I met people who were Deaf or had Deaf children and they live the language. Sometimes I don’t need to really understand the sign to get the message.  It took me longer to figure out “mainstreaming” than when someone ran into a cupboard door and cut his forehead.

Can we say that when we talk? Do we tell our story with everything we have? Or are we body non-communicators? Remember, most of communication is non-verbal. Is the problem so many have with communication is that we no longer communicate honestly with our faces and bodies?


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