Gotta Love Driving in Massachusetts

So today I’m lost (as usual) trying to get from Revere to Woburn and got on a traffic circle somewhere on 62 when WHAM! I’m not sure what the heck happened since I don’t see a car I could have run into, but I pull over to the side of the road and watch the cars roar around a few times.  Clearly, if I clipped someone they kept on going and if they clipped me, well, they still kept on going.

I got out and walked around the car a couple of times and couldn’t see any damage, so finally I left and went on my way.

Got to a turn where I thought, hmmmm, the other cars are not turning so maybe I could turn right.  Just as I barely started to move a bicyclist flashed up next to me and almost landed on the hood of my car as he veered sharply left. He waggled his finger and pointed at a sign I had not seen – No turn on right light.  I nodded and agreed.  So then he pulled out in front of me and drove across the intersection, cutting off all the cars, and I wanted to roll around and laugh. Apparently stop signs and traffic directionals are for everyone other than bicyclists.  No one hit him, by the way.  It was like watching Moses part the Red Sea.

Left Woburn for a mall in Peabody.  The GPS got lost.  I must have driven 50 miles to get 20 miles I finally used the iPhone’s map system and turned the bloody GPS off.

Another day in vehicular paradise. It could be worse.

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