1. I am so jealous. I am in Florida and it is so hot, still. I will miss the fall so much. I love apple orchards, pumpkin patches and apple cider – hay rides and falling leaves. Enjoy it for me, please. And post more pics!!!

  2. Awww, k3edid, did you move to Florida from the north? I’ve never been further south than North Carolina, where my brother lives.

    It is down in the 40’s at night now. My garden is mostly in. Just a few cherry tomatoes ripening and soon I’ll bring it all in except the strawberries, which will winter over.

    Tomorrow I’m off to Smolak Farms and hope to get some nifty photos there. The trees haven’t really turned yet, but there’s something to be said for just being out in the first crisp air of autumn!

    1. Autumn is the only conceivable reason for enduring the wretchedly hot, humid weather in the summer. The winter – eh, I moved here from Alaska – and you ain’t seen nothin’ ’til you’ve spent a winter in Fairbanks. (wry smile)

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m guessing we’ll cross paths sooner or later in Probate Court somewhere, sometime. I occasionally haunt Middlesex/Cambridge and Essex/Salem-Lawrence. If you’re local, maybe we could get a cuppa sometime and I could coo over baby pictures and talk to you about the marvels of bankruptcy, debt management and labor law.

      1. I’m in Boston. But I am only nominally employed so I often have free time. I love coffee, and I would love to hear about labor law. I have baby pictures. Most definitely.

    1. I could do Revere on Wednesday. I would have the actual baby with me, not just pictures. If you are cool with that I could meet you. (I trust you’re not a serial killer.) My email address is marypierce13 @ yahoo.com.

  3. LOL – No serial killer. Not even a cereal killer. I’m going to be with my accountant at her office in Revere. Babies are always welcome. I’m a grandma with 3 grandkids – none of them babies anymore. (pout) Need an extra grandma? (wink and smile)

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