Three times

There was once a day when I got myself together for the day, left the house and never looked back. Nowadays it seems to take me at least three times.

The night before I have everything set out.  Next morning I put the dog out in the back yard, get dressed, eat my protein shake breakfast, walk out the door, lock it – realize the dog is still outside.

Put down stuff, go get dog, unlock door, put dog in, lock door, go to car.

Realize my legal bag and purse is on the porch.  Get there and realize my slippers are on my feet – unlock door, get shoes, shoo dog back inside, put on shoes, walk down stairs, walk back up stairs to get bag and purse, walk to car.

Ponder if I locked the door.  Leave anyway.  If anyone tries to get in the dog will eat them and all I will find will be a well gnawed shoe.



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