How Time Flies When You’re Having Chaos

I’m told that Mercury is in retrograde, which is why communications are so rough right now.  If so, I’m going to hunt me down a little planet and, um, I’m not sure what then.  What to do with a miscreant planet.  Hmmmm. Taps fingernails on table. Where is Chuck Norris when you need him?

“The week that was” provided more than a bit of chaos.  There was an earthquake that shook up Boston – only having lived along the Pacific Ring of Fire I never noticed.

The dental surgery last weekend created the most amazing amount of pain.  I’ve taken more pain medication than I did after major abdominal surgery. On the plus side, I’ve eaten so little I’ve lost about 7 pounds and the way things are playing out I’ll be slim and trim in no time.

It appears the days of being able to carry a street legal kubaton (martial-arts self-defense key fob) are over in Boston at the Federal buildings. The thing is, though, that if someone is really determined to take someone out they can ram a pencil or pen into their eye.  Someone could put a ceramic knife in a pocket and walk through the metal detector. How about women in high heel shoes?  Spike heels could be lethal.  A tie could be used to garrote someone.  I have one pair of Dansko clogs that set off alarms because they have metal studs on them as decoration so I no longer wear them.  There is something perversely funny in the odd rather than the “ha ha” sense.

My most memorable moment was being in a City of Boston building during a mediation and having the city turn off the lights as a cost saving measure.  Did you know you can use an iPhone as a light source in a pinch?

Got my exercise today running up and down the stairs doing ungodly amounts of laundry and moving the outside inside.  The container garden is now located in the basement.  The outdoor furniture is tucked away.  Now, rather than Waiting for Godot, I am waiting for Irene.




  1. Big fan of Waiting for Godot – loved the reference. And yes, your week has been jam packed! I would say mine was, too with moving out and the earthquake etc.

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