Alarm clock

Alarm clocks are the bane of the hard of hearing (HoH).  If they are loud enough to rouse us they’re also likely to wake the dead.

I had an alarm that flashed a light in my face – which was great during the dark half of the Alaskan year, not so great during summer . One day the light blew up and shot out a fireball.  The unit itself was fried. I went back to trying to wake up to noise.

When I was married, my S.O. could hear a bug twitch at 500 paces. He had an alarm I couldn’t even hear and he got me up. For the last few years I’ve been sleeping like a cat, worried about not getting up in time.

About a year ago I got a vibrating wrist watch that alerts me when I need it during the day.  Still, I put off the HoH alarm.  In the end I went with an alarm that bypasses sound for vibration and stuck the round vibrator under my pillow stack.

After two days I turned off the other alarm. Being gently shaken awake is just my cuppa.

As the population ages there are going to be more and more people who need adaptive devices like this and the cost is modest – perhaps $30 on the high end. And it occurs to me that it might be more polite to use anyway.  Shhh… people are sleeping.


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