In general, I am a non-drinker.  I have been told that drinking wine is good for the body and the soul, but to be frank – bleh!  So now and then I try beer.  Why beer? Well, wine is alcoholic and so is beer.  It must be the booze, methinks, that is healthy, although some think it is the grapes.  To quote my daughter, “Whatever…”

Today I was looking for burgundy for a Burgundy sauce for a pot roast and the little “package”‘ store had a whole area of what the owner referred to as “beer geek beers” I decided to examine.  In the melange of brews I found one worth a try.  Gorzet (Gooseberry ) Wheat Ale.  It’s an ancient recipe, which appeals.  It’s from Scotland, which also appeals (me being a Celt).  And what a great list of ingredients – including gooseberries, bogmyrtle and meadowsweet.  Who could resist?

I took it home, cooled it down and … gee, our ancestors really had something going here. Normally I take a couple of sips and then pour it out as too bitter and nasty to be endured.  Now I find I will go buy another one sometime. Maybe for Mabon. Not wanting to rush the alcohol consumption or anything, one every couple of months should be just fine.  Right? $3 for 11 oz, is a wee bit steep, then again, maybe I’m “lost in the 50’s” eh? Or is that the 1650’s, considering the age of the recipe.

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