Mac Attack

Okay, I admit it, I’m an Apple devotee. It didn’t start out that way. Back in the day when Atari was a serious competitor against the personal computer, I went with Commodore. In fact, I opted for the 128.  Woo hoo.  It didn’t have a split-screen – I could type without having the screen jerk back and forth like a boat on an ocean during a storm.  I hated the seasick feeling the PC gave. It was a challenge … I had to learn enough BASIC to make the thing run. I moved on to Amiga and eventually got one with a snap-on hard drive, followed by one with an internal hard drive. Nirvana!

However, in the middle 90’s Windows became enough of a standard I had to learn 3.1 and the early Office applications. I learned to be expert with it, but it was a necessary evil. I never liked it.

Then came my Apple Genius son-in-law who talked me into the first OSX machine; the one with the round base and the swing arm. It was too flippin’ simple. After all the years of struggling with Windows, it was so simple it drove me nuts. I wanted to hurl the thing out of the 3rd story window.  I learned to relax into the Apple and since then I’ve gotten a 21 inch iMac, replaced a MacBook with a second Macbook and now have a MacBook Pro.  The latest acquisition is an iPad2 tricked out in legal apps and document production tools.  I’m gloating that I can use encryption and the cloud plus my little iPad to be like a country lawyer with “a-joggin’ a-long with a heart full of song and a rifle and a volume of the law…”  (Sugarfoot lyrics) Okay, no rifle in Massachusetts since I don’t have an FID card and they’d lock me up as plum crazy if I tried to walk into a court with a rifle, especially in places like Cambridge Probate, where they will take away a self-defense keyring I can take into a Federal Court.  (go figure).

But I digress…  I’m clearly happy with Apple products (what I refer to as the Mac Attack), as evidenced by my stable of them (plus an iPhone and a Nano), but I love the iPad2.  I think it has something to do with the light weight, the flexibility of use (not to mention the snazzy red case with the bluetooth keyboard) and Flipboard. There, I said it, Flipboard was recommended as a legal app for the busy lawyer who wants to skim everything from Facebook to Google News to – well, probably whatever you want.  The Mac Attack has landed.  Again.  And it is good.

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