Nah, it’s not an ad, merely the site I use to track my intake and exercise.  I’m told there are others and some of them may be better for all I know.  I’m just invested in this one.  But that’s another story for another day.

Today, as I’m at the gym and entering my cardio and strength exercises I commented to a gym buddy that I worked off 400 kcal in just cardio. That sparked commentary that lasted for 20 minutes about not eating enough to cover the calorie deficit.  Frankly, since one needs a calorie deficit to lose weight (since I’m not low carbing enough to be in benign dietary ketosis) I have no idea what the person thinks the problem is.

You cannot lose weight without eating fewer calories than you expend over one’s basic metabolism.  Since my routine stuff (grocery store walking, gardening, etc.) is a part of that basic rate, it is nothing I pay attention to in order to get off a plateau that has lasted months!

The only problem I see is that I tend to eat very lightly in in the morning and early afternoon and then find myself scrambling at night to get in enough water and protein (at least 120 grams). It looks as if I am eating a lot, but when one eats only a few hundred calories during the preceeding 8 hours that is what happens.  I suppose this means I need to drink more protein during the day and that means getting more packets to drag around with me (I use unjury) so I can add it to whatever I happen to be drinking at the time.

I’m a boomer. I am not fast of metabolism and it takes a lot of exercise to get my system going.  I was working out 2-3 hours a day for months with no weight loss, then took two months off and am  now having to build back up to intense 45-60 minutes of cardio a day plus 45-60 minutes of weight training and stretching.  I realize that having lost about half of my body mass I look better than before, but seriously, I want to get the last 20% of the exess body fat off!  When I began I could see where I wanted to be.   Now I see how much I have left to accomplish.

Nod of the head to my personal trainer and my nutritionist from Tufts since we all sing the same caloric deficit song.  SparkPeople tells me I’ve consumed 1242 kcal today. More gym tomorrow.  More calorie deficit.

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