I think I’m tired now…

I have a friend who biked most of the way through New Hampshire to Massachusetts.  He’s no competition bike rider (aka cyclist) and I have some of the funniest texts from him after reaching the tops of some mountains as in “haven’t thrown up yet.” He’s been bicycling everywhere after a friend (former friend) totaled his car.  In the process of spending months biking, he’s lost tons of weight and generally feels pretty good, except for one knee that’s complaining a bit.  He’s in his mid-40’s and is looking great from all the exercise.  However, I admit, thinking about him bicycling up and down mountains and hills for hundreds of miles leaves me feeling tired.

Was I ever that young?  Yes, once upon a time.  And, ladies, this guy is single.  And cute.  And did I mention smart? And too young for me.  Drats.  ;^)  Ahh, well, he is a dear friend, and I’m not sure who among you searching for a great guy would be good enough for him.  0.o


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