My Grandmother and now me

When I was a little kid I remember Grandma in the kitchen, wearing a house dress with a big apron wrapped around her, flour in her hair and on her hands. She was stout and walked in what we’d probably consider orthopedic shoes these days. She was also the mistress of the house and you’d better get out of her way.

My mother had very little time to grandparent and she was not the lady in the kitchen with flour on her hands. She ran a business and in all 10 minutes of her spare time every day she indulged in reading magazines about the old west.

My grandchildren’s grandmother goes to the gym because she’s not working like a dog in the kitchen or in a business creating products. Unlike my grandmother or mother, I see a hair stylist and she (gasp!) dyes my wild and curly hair. Unlike them, I am now divorced and sometimes consider the fact my grandmother was a widow (twice) to have been a blessing. I’m a highly educated grandma, but not as well fixed as my mother or her mother due to the vagaries of life.

Being a Boomer means living with a great deal of uncertainty and that includes just how to be the best parent of adult children and best grandparent to some of the best looking, most talented, and best hearted children in the world. Not that I’m biased or anything like that.

Reflections on love and the lack of it, life and the importance of continuing breathing, diet and exercise and how that factors into the first two reflections are forthcoming.

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